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20 Mar 2018

7 mobile marketing statistics that will surprise you

The move to mobile has come swift and sudden in recent years, with around 5 billion people currently using mobile phones around the world. This has forced companies to rethink their marketing and business strategies in order to keep up with current trends. Whether your app business opportunity focuses on the tourism sector or the … Continue reading “7 mobile marketing statistics that will surprise you”

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13 Mar 2018

How will GDPR impact app developers?

Data protection has become a hot topic recently as more consumers and internet users fall victim to security breaches. The mobile industry has seen the brunt of this problem and in 2016 alone, it was discovered that over 200 apps were exposing users’ personal data. The EU has decided to crack down with the introduction … Continue reading “How will GDPR impact app developers?”

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9 Mar 2018

App Onboarding And Customer Data

 Our latest source code release brings with it customer data like never before. This release showcases all-new app onboarding, actionable customer data, PWA analytics, an improved ROI dashboard and overhauled push notification management. As a business owner, you can now easily understand who your customers are and how they interact with your business. It … Continue reading “App Onboarding And Customer Data”

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6 Mar 2018

5 tips for improving app engagement and increasing session times

The mobile app market is rapidly growing with forecasts indicating that it is set to hit $189 billion in total revenue by 2020. If you plan to make your app business opportunity a success, this means it’s vital that you know how to ensure your apps stay relevant. While download figures are an important metric … Continue reading “5 tips for improving app engagement and increasing session times”

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27 Feb 2018

A guide to updating your mobile apps

Being successful in the current mobile app market means accurately monitoring and reacting to user feedback while carrying out regular testing in order to identify bugs. More than that, regularly updating the structure and design of your app is an important part of keeping your app business competitive and relevant in an industry that is … Continue reading “A guide to updating your mobile apps”

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