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13 Jun 2017

How Starbucks used Instagram to Power a Winning Festive Campaign

Starbucks are well known as a brand that has a high level of affinity with their customers. The genius name on the cup in store still makes for superb social media sharing material and creates a personal experience every time you pay them a visit no matter which store you use. The coffee giant has … Continue reading “How Starbucks used Instagram to Power a Winning Festive Campaign”

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20 May 2017

A Speculative Look At The iPhone 8; Rumours and Predictions

It’s May which means it’s the season for the iPhone rumour mill to fire into gear before Apple launches any potential new projects in September. The ten year anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone is upon us and the hope is that after a string of utterly ordinary new iPhones over the past … Continue reading “A Speculative Look At The iPhone 8; Rumours and Predictions”

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13 May 2017

Tips to Ensure Your App is Downloaded

After careful consultation, meeting with the developer and looking at your business model, you’ve made the forward thinking decision to get a mobile app for your business. Congratulations! You’re one step closer to modernising and expanding your business. But there’s one key question to consider; How do you make sure people to download the app? Lets … Continue reading “Tips to Ensure Your App is Downloaded”

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6 May 2017

Improving Email Open Rates with Eazi-Apps

A good email campaign has been a business staple since personal computers became common place. Unless we replace the very concept of ‘email’, email marketing will never go away. It’s a powerful tool, a fast, effective way to share information about your business with thousands of subscribers. An email can be packed full of information … Continue reading “Improving Email Open Rates with Eazi-Apps”

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29 Apr 2017

Content To Keep Customers Engaged

For any small business creative online content is a direct link to a business’ customer base. It’s a way of staying relevant and present in their minds, and a valuable tool for securing repeated business, visits to the company website, or use of the dedicated mobile app. Online content can mean a range of different … Continue reading “Content To Keep Customers Engaged”

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