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22 Mar 2017

Ensuring Customers Can Locate Your App And How To Keep Them Engaged

Thousands of apps are downloaded every single day, but in reality many of them aren’t even used; maybe once and then deleted, or for a few days and forgotten about. We’re here to tell you how to continue to engage your customers in your apps, and how to make sure they are discovered. In an … Continue reading “Ensuring Customers Can Locate Your App And How To Keep Them Engaged”

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15 Mar 2017

User Generated Content

According to statistics from Crowdtap, Millennials believe that user generated content is 20% more influential than a brand’s own marketing, as well as 35% more memorable and a whopping 50% more likely to be trusted. Interested? Here’s your guide to UGC, on us: What Is It? You’ve most likely already figured out from its name but … Continue reading “User Generated Content”

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8 Mar 2017

Why Your Restaurant Needs To Have Mobile Ordering

Do you remember how much of a hassle it was just to order a takeaway when you were younger? Your parents rifling through the ‘miscellaneous’ drawer in your kitchen for the right menu, which turns out to be five years old with an outdated phone number advertised? Your family shouting orders at the same time … Continue reading “Why Your Restaurant Needs To Have Mobile Ordering”

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1 Mar 2017

Creating Sustainable Mobile Apps

There is no specific guide to ensuring the future of your app, however there are ways of encouraging users to continue to use your app as well as getting interest from new consumers and making sure your app keeps up with the growing industry. Consumers may feel invested after putting money into an app, but … Continue reading “Creating Sustainable Mobile Apps”

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22 Feb 2017

Secure More Mobile App Reviews

Over the last few weeks our blogs have focused on the need for businesses to incorporate mobile commerce into their mobile applications as well as highlighting certain features within our mobile app development platform that can boost customer retention. While having a feature rich mobile app is a prerequisite for any successful mobile app strategy, … Continue reading “Secure More Mobile App Reviews”

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