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12 Dec 2017

How to successfully pitch Progressive Web Apps

The latest digital trend to hit the mobile market is Progressive Web Apps. Also known as hybrid apps, they were first introduced by Google as a way to bridge the gap between browser-based searches and native app interfaces. Thanks to the easy access and lack of installation that comes with PWA, more companies are beginning … Continue reading “How to successfully pitch Progressive Web Apps”

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5 Dec 2017

Why is the internet talking about Vine again?

The hugely popular video sharing social media platform known as Vine was formerly one of the most successful apps on the market and racked up of 200 million active daily users during its time in the spotlight. With such a huge user base and a collection of content that would take over eight years to … Continue reading “Why is the internet talking about Vine again?”

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28 Nov 2017

The best smartphones for gaming apps

The major mobile marketplaces have grown rapidly in recent years and now boast over 5 million digital products collectively. A number of mobile games have become some of the most popular. In fact, in 2017 the mobile game market raked in a revenue figure of 40.6 billion USD. This rapid growth has led to a … Continue reading “The best smartphones for gaming apps”

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21 Nov 2017

What do you need to know about the new mobile index?

Late last year Google confirmed that due to the prevalence of mobile search, it would transition its default index from the longstanding desktop index to a mobile one. While rumblings about when and how the new mobile first index would roll out have been persistent, the search engine has been customarily vague. Until now. The … Continue reading “What do you need to know about the new mobile index?”

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14 Nov 2017

New policy by Apple allows for discounted in-app subscriptions

Since the dawn of the major mobile digital markets, the race to increase average revenue figures has led to a number of new advancements and techniques in the app development industry. In-app purchasing in particular is a tactic which has grown in popularity over recent years, with more app development companies looking to grab a … Continue reading “New policy by Apple allows for discounted in-app subscriptions”

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